Create Your Next Ebook Cover Free

Authors: It is possible to create your own professional ebook covers for free. You don’t need any experience with graphic design. All you have to do is go to My Ecover Maker.

It just that simple. Let’s walk through it:

  • Access the website. Bring up the ebook cover page here.
  • Select “create cover.” Scroll to the top of the screen and make the selection toward the middle.
  • Choose the type of cover you want to make. Start with the free “Paperback Stack” to get the feel for it.
  • Select your background. You are presented with a choice of images to choose from. Click on the background that catches your eye.
  • Crop your background image. This is where you can zoom in and out to manipulate the background. Selecting a small area on the image to stretch out can make for interesting and unique covers.
  • Insert text and images. Move between the tabs near the top of the image to choose between “insert text” and “insert image.” The reader should be able to see your title clearly on a thumbnail sized picture.
  • Finalize. Choose the red “finalize” button near the upper right hand corner of the picture. This is where the website does all of the magic. Sit back while your creation is filtered into an ebook cover.
  • Download. Choose the “download 3D” button located near the upper right hand corner of the image. Choose where to save it on your computer, and there you have it!

You will be amazed when you see the final copy of your very first attempt. If you want, you can do this process over and over again for every book you ever write, forever. Never pay anything for your ebook covers ever again.

You will save on overhead for each of your new releases. Its even possible to put a new spin on some of your previous book covers. This can add a little pizazz to your online presence. You’ve got nothing to loose. Give this free service a shot here.

Create Your Own eBook Cover

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